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. >>> good evening, americans and welcome to "the ed show" from new york. the nra wants an assault weapons ban off the table. the white house disagrees. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> i do not think there is going to be a ban on so-called assault weapons passed by the congress. >> the nra continues their denial campaign. and vice president joe biden resumed his task force today. mark glaze has the details on the nra's agenda. >>> gun extremists won't give up and are as wacky as ever in the face of reform. the latest, civil rights. >> i believe that gun appreciation day honors the legacy of dr. king. >> michael eric dyson sets them straight tonight. >>> congressman phil gingrey backs up todd akin's disgusting claim. >> a woman's body has a way of shutting down so the pregnancy would not occur. he is partly right on that. i'm an ob/gyn doctor. >> karen finney on the gop's newest charge on women. >>> howard dean gives us the outlook on filibuster reform. >>> and the trillion dollar coin. >> you guys have a position on this trillion dollar coin business? >> it's just crazy enough
with the representative of the nra. the nra had harsh words for the white house after that meeting saying they feel as though this administration is trying to crack down on their second am d amendment rights. after the vice president met with representatives from the video game industry, there were also some stern words and i will read you a snippet from a letter that the entertainment consumers association said, quote, we're asking you to support the public's constitutional right to have access and not to blame the media. so those are some of the backdrop against which the vice president is going to offer the recommendations on tuesday. >> before i let you go, though. who is the biggest obstacle to him becoming confirmed at least as this week is wrapped up. >> you really have obstacles on a lot of different sides, thomas. you have democrats that have criticized some of the past controversial comments and chuck hagel is a republican who are against him and lindsay graham has expressed some concern, but senator chuck schumer, a democrat might be key in getting him confirmed and he's the third ranki
as the nra and you cannot contribute? >> not at all, part of what we put in the letter to vice president biden who by the way did not blame the industry for violence i note in his remarks. as part of the letter to biden, we said that even if we are not part of the problem, we are willing to be part of the solution. we are interested in contributing to -- to reducing america's problem with violence. and some of the things that we suggest are games are powerful teaching tools and then the teaching potential of games has not been well explored at all. there are some people working in the video game field, some of our members who are working on games for conflict resolution, games for anti-bullying. there are people working on health games to help people who have to take -- who have mental problems to make sure they stay on their medication to gameify people staying, helping themselves to remain safe and to not be a danger. there are many, many things that the gaming industry wants to do to help with this problem. one issue though is that the government has been very slow to fund gaming tech
. >> these meetings weren't just some photo-op. even the nra attended. after the meetings, it trashed the agenda as an attack on the second amendment. walmart, probably the biggest gun seller, was shamed, i guess, into showing up. retailer originally said executives couldn't attend. they had scheduling difficult s difficulties. ative course of criticism, they changed their mind and did show up with the attorney general. after gaining background earlier this month, gun stocks were under pressure again this week. that's right, investors are worried washington is actually going to do something. let's not forget that at its core selling guns in america is about making money. richard feldman is president of t the, former nra lobbyist. will cain is a cnn contributor. do you think it will be concrete action? i know no one's mind was changed there. but is it the beginning of something different this time? >> well, clearly, the horrific events in newtown were a game changer. what concrete changes in the law are going to be really remains to be seen. as to the firearm industry, which i represented during
at the beginning of the show is happening. and i think the nra has -- and i guess rachel maddow made this point the other night. the nra, it has been so long that they have had to argue this issue that they're kind of shocked at how much support, once this issue is framed the way it is now, which is let's take some reasonable steps to prevent something like newtown from happening again. a lot of people including gun owners are on that side. >> right, and i think the freakouts helped to make the point from the other side. when you see somebody speaking straight to camera saying if i don't get what i want i will start to kill people. your first reaction is whoa, i wouldn't want that person to have a gun. it is like they went so far to make a point that they made the other point. >> that is why i wanted to show people, when you have freakouts you usually look freaky in doing that. >> it is a good rule. >> they said in december that schools should deploy armed officers, listen to this, both of you. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. we need to have every sin
, gun rights groups like the n.r.a. were saying, fine, as long as it doesn't include restricting access to guns. where does it look like the white house is heading on this, christi? >> the vice president's been involved in a series of meetings, casting a wide net, looking for what he describes as a comprehensive solution to the problem of gun violence, not a silver bullet, as he memorably said. >> he did say that. >> he did. and we were moving sort of expeditiously toward an early next week announcement, he's now saying it might take more time to put together that comprehensive plan but what we're looking at are things that are out there and have been discussed widely for a long time. the president will push an assault weapons ban even though the white house has calculated that's a tough lift. that's a key part of his talking points and part of that package. they're looking at limiting the magazine capacity with ammunition and also it now seems like there's a lot of focus on background checks and they're talking about pushing for universal background checks for all gun sales. so i think
in a minute, but first your thoughts. will the regular gun owners, the people that are in the nra in pennsylvania and they vote, democrat or republican, are they going to go with the crazies like james yeager? we're going to show him and alex jones again. >> you know what's crucial to this is what clinton did back in '94. remember, he got an assault weapons ban through congress over the nra opposition and opposition to many republicans and some democrats, and the way he got it was by bringing the cops, the police -- >> but how many seats did he lose? >> he lost a lot of seats. you have to keep the fight going after you win. so the way to get people to side with responsible gun control, gun violence prevention, is to make this a wide coalition to show them that, hey, you're with people who like to shoot, you're with people who care like cops. it's not just liberal dems -- >> i agree. >> that's the key here as we go forward. >> the raw story website got ahold of this threatening video from this fellow i mentioned, james yeager. he's ceo of a group called tactical response, and he's
with the president or ceo of the nra. but the display is against the law in washington. police officials say that there was a miscommunication between nbc and law enforcement. >>> taking a look at what's trending on the web. much to the dismay of "star wars" fans everywhere, the u.s. government will not be building a death star. the white house turned down a petition that was proposing the government create a death star superweapon. the petition received more than 34,000 signatures online. >>> a teacher is being hailed as a hero at a high school shooting in california sh week. ryan herbert stood face to face with the 16-year-old accused shooter and talked to him, buying time for other students to escape. >>> and take a look at this. video, dozens of students and parents fighting at a bus stop. police in swiss vail, pennsylvania, are stepping up patrols near this stop where two brawls now have broken out this week. >>> hollywood award season upon us and the golden globes and the academy awards are definitely in the spotlight. on thursday the academy named the nominees for the 85th annual awar
the violence in the games that ea makes. >>> the vice president met with the nra. we are there live where we wrapped up an interview with mr. templeton. what did he have to say? >> he was pretty disappointed, especially heading to a busy weekend. gun officials estimate they will get up to 10,000 people over the course of the weekend. now today is the day that vendors set up for the show. they are going to be more than 150 vendors on saturday and sunday, selling everything from guns and ammunition, to gun saves, gun parts and nooknives jewelry. they hold gun shows in four different states and consider this to be on the medium to small size. the show organizers tell me that over the last few weeks. public attendance at this shows has roughly doubled and they attribute it to the discussion of the possible changes in gun laws. now the owner and founder of crossroads of the west and he is the president of the national association of arms shows, bob templeton was just in washington, d.c. as you mentioned discussing the changes with the vice president. cabinet level officials and also others in the
at the beginning of the show is happening. and i think the nra -- rachel maddow made this point the other night. it's been so long since they've had to argue this issue, they've been shocked. let's take some reasonable steps to prevent something like newtown from happening again. a lot of people including gun owners are on that side. and i think the freakout helped on the other side. when they say if i don't get what i want, i'm going to start killing people. your first reaction is whoa. >> that's why i wanted to show people when you have freakouts, you usually look freaky in doing them. >> it's a good rule. >> the nra wane lapierre said in december that school should employ armed officers. listen to this, both of you. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. we need to have every single school in america immediately deploy a protection program proven to work. and, by that, i mean armed security. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is to take the gun from him in the first place. and then he's an unarmed bad guy. there's not even logic to that. but th
're squarely behind the nra's suggestion at having armed guards at every school. are you? >> no. i think it's more complicated than that. the problem is that when you have a uniformed arm guard they'll be the first target often that's there. it will be a costly proposal and it's fairly limited in terms of what it can do. there are cases where armed guards have slowed attacks and allowed people to escape. but in terms of cost benefit it's not the best solution. i think the best solution is to go back to where we were in the country prior to the end of '95, when we allowed permit holders to be able to go and carry concealed handguns on school proper property. there's some states that allow that now. the states allowed concealed carry back in '95 and earlier, allowed it at that time. we have a lot of information on how well that worked. there's not one problem that i know of or that anybody has been able to show with any of those people carrying permits at that time. >> i think there would be a lot of people who question your assertion that there are no problems with people who carry permits a
. and 72% of nra members agree with those uniform background checks. >> let me ask amy, amy, if that is all on the table which sounds like it is, how hard is it going to be for this administration to sell any gun control plan to the american people? >> i think what's remarkable is the amount of common ground. i disagree with the assault weapons ban. there's been talk that the white house might step away because there's quite a lot of controversy over what exactly is an assault weapon. however, the high-capacity magazine that maria mentioned, there does seem to be common ground around that. and also mental health. now that's a little bit tricky in terms of in you spot someone, know someone who is threatening themselves or harm on the internet, for example. we just had a case of a young man in california who was making facebook threats that he wanted to go and, you know, commit an atrocity at a school, at a kindergarten. yet, authorities couldn't do anything are. there laws that are in place or laws that we should consider in trying to prevent these atrocities before they happen? and hopefull
with groups all week from gun control advocates to the nra and yesterday he met with video game producers all in an effort to find a solution to the nation's gun violence problem. >> we have a problem beyond quote the massacres, the columbines, connecticut, there's 10,000 people a year gunned down in our cities. different motives, different reasons, different explanations, but it's a real problem. it's serious. >> so what might be in the final list of recommendations? first, universal background checks and closing the gun show loophole that lets people bypass those checks right now. the white house is believed to favor a ban on high-capacity magazines. president obama is expected to have his recommendations by tuesday. >>> the immediate reaction seems to be a spike in gun sales. some likening it to the run on twinkies. background checks for guns jumped more than 50% last month from the same period a year earlier and that some gun shops are having a hard time keeping up with the demand for weapons and ammunition. biden also met with the nra. and this is their take on that discussion. >> in a s
. >> reporter: the nra can simply point to what happened in 1994 when president bill clinton signed the last assault weapons ban into law. democrats lost control of both houses of congress to republicans. >> he's become the only republican candidate in indiana with an f-rating from the nra. >> reporter: last year, the nra proved it was willing to go after the gop, as well, running this tv ad against former indiana senator, dick lugar, who lost a primary battle to a more conservative challenger. are democrats as nervous about the nra as they used to be? >> no, they're not. >> reporter: maryland democratic congressman, chris van hollen says voters are eager for new gun control laws after newtown. >> if you look at the most contested national races around the country, they're in the suburbs. and in suburban areas, i think the weight of public opinion is on the side of common sense gun safety provisions. >> reporter: after biden spent days meeting with different interest groups, the latest being video game makers, the vice president doesn't seem to be in the mood to take on the entertainment ind
the president of the national rifle sonks. nra and other gun owner groups met yesterday with the vice president. his task force on gun violence. the vp says he will give president obama his recommendations on this by tuesday. the president may be able to take some steps on his own without the okay from congress. wendell goler is on the story from the bottom of the hour live from the white house. what can he do without the congress. >> gun control advocates say he could make sure people who are banned from buying guns are punished of if they try to do so. of the government could check out anyone trying to buy multiple assault rifles like it does for anyone on the border. high capacity magazines or universal background checks. he needs congress. now the nra says we need to look at mental health and the violence in our culture violent video games are the most popular. vice president says it's not clear they are part of the problem it is clear there is not a single solution. >> there is is no silver bullet. one of my friend says no seat belt that you put on to assure that you will not be in this ci
versus liberals, democrats versus republicans, the nra versus the gun control lobby, you know, for most of us, it's impossible to figure out what's really going on. they say, you know, numbers don't lie, people do. and if there is any debate that proves that, i think it's the gun debate. >> rick: who should be heading up this discussion? we have joe biden at his panel and they're expected to issue their recommendation to the president, the beginning of this coming week. but in a perfect world or in your perfect world, susan, who would be heading up sort of an examination of the policies and the laws that we have on the books now and what we may possibly be able to do that could lead to a decrease in gun violence? >> you know what got me into this was there was a public health study that came out last week by a panel of experts, not democrats and republicans, but criminal justice researchers and epidemiologists and public health people and it found that the death rate in this country for people under 50, the mortality rate was the worst in the world among rich countries. i started readin
will ya, please? >>> are we close to reinstating the assault weapons ban? well, here's what the nra's president had to say about that today. >> are you willing to go out on a limb and predict that there will -- do you have the support in congress to block any federal ban on assault weapons in the coming year? >> i do not think that there's going to be a ban on so-called assault weapons passed by the congress. >> all right. i'm now joined by pulitzer prize winning journalist and syndicated columnist cynthia mctucker and lenny mccallister of the urban radio network. both of you welcome to the program. cynthia, as a reagan conservative i think i'm on the wrong side of this issue. i want to limit the automatic guns and also want to limit the 100-bullet magazines that they hold. but i think that david keene whom i've known for decades is going to be right. none of this stuff is going to get through the congress. >> well, it may be that the ban on high capacity magazines has a better chance than the ban on actual assault weapons. but why not? why shouldn't we ban assault weapons? they wer
. >> jon: well, that was what the vice-president had to say on wednesday, the day before meeting with the n.r.a. his comments got a lot of reaction, jim, from second amendment proponents, but not so much in the media. >> well, you know, this is vice-president biden's chance to shine, as he prepares himself for the 2016 nomination, nomination quest. i would say this though, that on friday, politico reported the white house might be backing off on the all weapons ban, as not pushing it forward, which i think is quite significant. and it could be that the country see the issue differently than for example the mainstream media, as do the country, for example, might relate to the story of melinda herman, the woman in georgia, who shot an intruder in his house five times and then, obviously, needed more bullets because the guy wasn't dead yet and needed a bigger clip, and i think the media were really doing a job. donny herman, the husband, the coolest customer on the phone with 9/11 and his wife the same time. remember this, this, and this, as we talked about and they'd be household names and oddly,
of bearior. >> meanwhile -- behavior. >> meanwhiles nra proposes is a ban. >> we had a decade for on guns and it had no impact. >> he admitted was impractical. >> every gun purchased can only be fired by the person who purchased it. >> that technology exists but it's extremely expensive. >> so expensive no one really expects mr. biden will recommend it tuesday, to the put but he will make recommendations even though he thinks they won't completely solve the problem. >>> a sfen-year-old boy was shot -- 17-year-old boy was shot just after midnight on drake avenue in marinc. >> that teen had come from sisku county to be with family and celebrated his 17th birthday a few days ago. >> someone thought he had stolen a drug cash. it's the first homicide in marin krae in two years. >> a machine's body was -- city in two years. >>> a sonoma sheriff deputy don't know if the death was accidental or the man was a victim of foul play. his identity will be relieved pending notification of next of kind. >> three or four suspects in a homicide case are free tonight. >> prosecutors say a 72-hour deadline t
be if people are reasonable as leslie is, we can avoid the second amendment squabble and the nra are all about not taking exmental patients and make sure about that. but talking about ammo clips and which guns are available that is second amendment issue and could get messy. >> when the nra talked about armed security guards, the white house dismissed that proposal as something they would not consider . now i mentioned earlier, senator barbara boxer is proposing legislation to bring up for the president to use federal funds to pay for the federal security guards. what do you think of this? >> i think there are democrats and leslie may be one of them who recognize good people with guns are not to be feared. david duhurst will provide state funding so teachers who want to can get training so they can stop the next adam lansa. that is nothing but a good idea. >> leslie? >> oh, boy. how much time do we have? i will be brief. >> don't talk to me about the founding forefathers with high caliber magazine. they would roll over in their grave . i wished they could tell us whether they agree to that. co
. that idea was publicly mall lined by many lawmakers pushing for more comprehensive reforms. the nra was invited vice president and others. they left with a bad taste in their mouth saying afterwards, quote: we were disappointed with how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the second amendment. while claiming that know proposal proposals would be prejudged, this task force spent most of its time on proposed restrictions on lawful firearms owners honest tax paying hard working americans. so, money for armed guards in some schools is something being floated. in three days we should know for sure what the federal government's initial plan is because vice president biden has promised his bought boss, president obama to give him his tax forces recommendations by tuesday. back to you in new york. >> it's funny that the nar came out of the meetings with such a bad taste in their mouth given that now senator barbara boxer peter was just talking about. had said that vice president biden seems very open to wane lapier
in the constitution has limits, and the limits are extraordinary important, and no absolute right. so when the nra or whoever is becomes absolutist about it, it is completely wrong. >> so no absolute right whether it is the freedom of the speech which has limits orrer the right to bear arms and there is also no absolute power when it comes to the context of the preside y presidency, so if we are on a pathway of how armed we are are as a nation, we are on a pathway in terms of the presidential power, so what can the president do? what can the vice president do in this moment on the issue of guns? >> well, it is really interesting, because we can see the ways in which the public is hungry for something to happen. and gun control is an incredibly complicated issue, so this is a moment where executive action would make people feel like we are doing something here. some of the things that they have talked about in terms of asking the d.o.j. to prosecute the gun laws that we have or actually appoint someone to atf and these are the concrete things that the president can do that the public says at least
to fight, saying new restrictions would be an atamt on the rights of the 4.2 million nra members. >> we said before the election if barack obama were re-elected that he was going to during his second term go after our second amendment rights. the newtown tragedy gave him an opportunity do that. >> now an important point. even if congress supports the president's new gun proposals, remember this. the changes probably won't happen right away. gun legislation will have to wait weeks until congress gets through the next fiscal cliff debate. anthony? >> thank you, bob. turning now to two men with a lot of experience in the gun arena, bloomberg, you may recall is a fierce proponent of gun control. also with us cbc this morning kronltd john miller, a former assistant to the fbi who served in the nypd and the lapd both. john, let me start with you. what do you think is going to come out of this? >> this is going to be a big uphill battle and it has many moving parts. if you want to put an armed police officer or security in every skier. i think they want to get back what
, after a week of meetings with some the major players in this debate, including the n.r.a., vice-president joe biden is now preparing a list of recommendations, aimed at curbing gun violence, but critics, fear they could trample our second amendment and peter doocy with more. peter, this is shaping up to be quite a bit debate. >> reporter: it is, kelly and the vice-president's meeting with lawmakers and sportsmen and safety advocates have been behind closed doors, but he has spoken very briefly to the media off the top of each one and he gave us a quick update yesterday about his pass-- progress, but used a metaphor to demonstrate and explain whatever they come up with, it's not going to stop gun violence overnight. >> there's no silver bull there's no, as one of my friends said, no seat belt that you can put on to assure that you will not be in this circumstance again. >> reporter: the national rifle association thinks the administration's approach to curbing gun violence is all wrong. in a statement after their meeting with the vice-president this week, the n.r.a. made clear,
that they brought to the campaign. i mean i think there is say chance here. i think the nra has stumbled badly. they boast an increase in membership. i think they are like the tea party. they misunderstand what is going on in the country, the change in mood in the country, especially after newtown. the tea party defeated richard luggar in indiana and was full of themselves and now instead of conservative republican holding that seat, like lugar it is a moderate democrat joe done oly holding that seat. i think the nra is very much in the same my op oik mind-set. and i think that shall did --. >> i think i disagree. i think they know what they are doing. they know what is happening but they are making sure gun owners think obama going to take away your guns. >> woodruff: thank you both. and mark and david keep up the talk on the "doubleheader," recorded in our newsroom. that will be posted at the top of the rundown later tonight. >> brown: finally, a word about tonight's edition of "need to know" on pbs. as the discussion goes on in washington about revising the federal tax code, "need to know"
with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> good guys with guns. that's the nra's solution to gun violence in america. they rolled that out in response to the shooting in newtown, connecticut. but is that really a solution? we're focusing on the gun debate this morning. and we can see both sides. here is the tale of two shootings. >> reporter: if you wonder whether or not good people armed with guns really do help prevent more gun violence, look no further than the shooting inside this san antonio theater in december. around 9:30 p.m. december 17th, 19-year-old jesus manuel garcia allegedly opened fire at the china garden restaurant. police say when the employees fled, the shooter chased after them in the parking lot firing at them. in the chaos, he also shot at a patrol car after the officers shined a light on him. >> he was having a difficult time dealing with the breakup. that's what may have set him off to come over here and commit this act. >> reporter: garcia followed the employees in the store next door. the gunman kept shooting as panicked moviegoers poured out the exit doors. >> i
not blame video games fr mass shootings however, nra did. one expert believes it's the latest scapegoat. >> dungeons and draggons, rock and roll, rap music. any time someone is looking to blame society ills it's a new medium the younger generation is into, the other swun not. >> biden will recommend next week. >> a judge has taken the side of john walker lindh. the judge ruled lind and others had the right to hold a daily group prayer session. lind serving 20 years for aigd taliban during u.s. invasion of afghanistan in twun. and karzai agreed to speed up the process of putting forces in charge of afghan security. president obama said it help accelerate withdrawal of 50,000 forces in afghanistan. >> public memorial will be held tomorrow for the teenager who went missing after a new year's eve music festival. the body found on friday in, a snow bank near the snow globe music festival. the sheriff's department says there are no signs of foul play but they're waiting for results of an autopsy. the memorial will be held tomorrow in petta lum yachl the family is asking those who attend to we
.d. records had to be kept. and all those were in place and then the nra sponsored legislation in washington that eliminated that. >> as we look at what is happening, you know, a lot of people are saying, well, here's a solution, we need to put armed guards in our schools. your reaction? >> more guns don't lessen violence. >> some critics of your bill said someone on planning an attack that they could just incrementally buy bullets, a mass amount, and still kind of do the same thing. >> well, they could, and, you know, potentially, there will still be a black market or illegal market on bullets. certainly we know any regulation or law we put in won't eliminate all possibilities, but if we could have some hope of law enforcement being able to enforce the prohibitions we now have, or that limit on if i'm enraged and i can just on an impulse buy lots of bullets and then i might act on it, whereas if i had to take a little more time or go out of my way and go to a licensed dealer, maybe i've calmed down in the interim, so maybe i don't -- i'm not in a situation where i'm a mass shooter. so as mu
the last 20 days the nra says one of a dozen people joined out of fear of new debt restrictions. they suspect of four-point to million membership will balloon up to 5 million. and they have declared dead national debt appreciation day for people to rally with signs that say hands off my guns. guns rates groups active donating over $20 million to causes. gun-control -- contributed less than any time in 20 years. $4,000 total. the white house tries to level the playing field by tapping richest -- religious leaders, community leaders and teachers for a town hall rally like the campaign. mayor bloomberg reports 500 on negative board in thousand members since the attack on connecticut including another whose daughter was killed two years ago. >> when we find the courage to stand up to the gun lobby ? >> debbie deferreds was a primary attack and nearly killed. she has established a political action committee to raise $20 million to catch up suzy pro-gun side financing. >> turning back to afghanistan $641 billion was spent over the last decade. we're spending $28 million per day. the n
will congress agree on. the number of hard line nra support is have signaled their openness to regulating high capacity magazines but not military style rifles. with me, charles blow and ralph dalsted. >>> this focus on video games, does it feel more like a stand in for those that think criminals can get their hands on deadly weapons is the bigger problem or the culture that produces the criminals? >> in the case of joe biden and the task force, they are trying to give the impression they are covering all the cultural bases. i feel like there is almost a general consensus on the video game question where a lot of people would agree with the profiler and say it is not surprising to see an association in particular cases between video games and violence. that doesn't mean in the aggregate. the spread of violent video games are causing murder rates to go up. pretty obviously, they are not. neither here nor around the world. i think with video games around the world, it is similar to the debate we had in the '80s and '90s. there may be something where those kind of things, be it pornography or vid
from the journal news got out, now they're running to beat john wayne to the n.r.a. membership, and they've got armed guards. amazing when stuff starts to turn, oh, there is he' a great awakening why people's privacy-- they're all on the first amendment. >> sean: i agree. like the hollywood hipocrits and fly around in their own private jets and lecture us about our suv's. >> al gore? >> al gore, yes, ma'am. >> al gore. >> al-jazeera-gore. >> hollywood stars can afford armed body guards, rightly so, we protect our president. we protect our mayors. we protect our cabinet officials and politicians and i think that's the right thing to do. everybody. >> everybody. >> sean: but the average person cannot, does not have the money for an armed guard. >> right. >> sean: and that's what's dangerous. yes, sir, you wanted to weigh in. >> i want today bring in, you brought up before about the governor's confiscation bill. in nazi germany they had a propaganda magazine, and they had an article they titled the jew next door. the journal news, their article was titled "the gun the they registe
and which ones will congress agree on? the number of hard line nra supporters snld openness to regulating high capacity magazines but not military-style rifles. appreciate both of you being with us. ross, this focus on video games, does it feel like it might be more of a stand in for the bigger debate with people like criminal who is get their hands on deadly weapon and a culture that produces those criminals? >> in the case of joe biden and the task force, it's a situation where they are trying to give the impression that they're covering all the cultural bases. obviously the most polarizing debate we are having is about guns. i feel like there is almost a general consensus on the video game question where a lot of people agree with the profiler huh on and saying it's not surprising to see an association this particular cases between video games and violence, but that doesn't mean in the aggregate, the spread of violent video games are causing murder rates to go up. obviously they are not neither here or around the world. with va games too, it's similar to the debate in the 80s and 90s o
hard line nra supporters have recently considered regulating high capacity magazines. with me, charles blow and ross is with us as well. appreciate you being with us. ross, this focus on video games, does it feel like it might be a stand in. do you think this is a culture that produces this criminal? >> well, i think in the case of joe biden and the task force, it's a situation that they're trying to cover all the cultural bases. i think obviously the most polarizing debate we're having is about guns. i feel like there's almost a general consensus where a lot of the people would agree with the profiler. it's not surprising to see an association in particular with video games and violence. that doesn't mean it's causing murder rates to go up. they're not. neither here nor around the world. it's similar to the debate we had in the '80ed and '90ed over hard core pornography. there may actually be something where those kind of things, be it pornography or video games, are serving as an outlet to act out fantasies rather than in real life. if the situation where as a society we almost need
and come under fire from the nra. will the multibillion-dollar industry make any changes? >>> hollywood history. meet the youngest best actress nominee ever. >> it's kind of hard 'cause i barely knew how to read. >> the critics' little darling with the tricky name the whole world will soon know how to pronounce. >>> and behind the scenes at tonight's miss america pageant. lara spencer has the emotional stories of the contestants, including the radical health decision one contestant will make right after the pageant, win or lose.
on that issue. a challenging one politic until washington. >> rachel, the nra says no automatic weapons ban would get through congress is that true? >> it's very, very difficult to see how it would get through congress. bear in mind, it's going to be a fight to raise the debt ceiling and keep the government running in washington at this point. so think about how much harder it's going to be to get an assault weapons ban through. this is an intractable issue in washington over the past few years, and not just an issue that falls along party lines. republicans have not wanted to push on this, and except for a few liberal voices, progressives on the left. democrats not wanted to go anywhere near this issue either. president obama says even if politics are tough, he plans to push forward on the issues on this point. >> amie, i want to ask you about the debt ceiling. democrats are saying bypass the house entirely. something about invoking the 14th amendment. how would that work? >> the white house press secretary jay carney said a couple of times that the president would not do that, but you saw
a week of talks between vice president biden and the nra, hollywood leaders and gun sellers. >>> prosecutors in washington, d.c. said today that nbc journalist david gregory is not going to be charged for showing a high capacity ammunition magazine on his show meet the press. firearms law in the nation's capital make possession of such a magazine illegal and washington, d.c. police had told nbc that it would be illegal. prosecutors say they recognize the device was intended as a prop to stimulate public discussion on gun control in the wake of the connecticut school massacre. >>> we're starting to learn who's going to be performing at this year's presidential inauguration event. one of the president's loudest supporters katy perry will be there singing. along with perry the cast from glee. john legend, stevie wonder, smoky robinson just some of the numbers performing at the inauguration. >>> you have heard of it, the prune-thon. they will attempt to prune 100,000 rose bushes. no experience is necessary, experts say that they will train volunteers in the proper way to prune.
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